At The Fried Firm, we handle every aspect of business formation, restructuring, internal governance and general counsel for limited liability companies, corporations, subchapter s corporations, 501(c)(3) not-for profit entities, etc.  We help entrepreneurs launch new ventures while assisting existing business owners with reorganization, restructuring or growth of their companies. As general counsel, we provide ongoing advice in regard to internal and external business operations, partner, employee and contractor relations, and are deeply involved with the company’s growth strategies.  We excel at drafting and maintaining corporate documents such as operating, shareholders, and partnership agreements and offer full services to protect your business from website terms and conditions to master service agreements. Every contract is tailored to the client’s specific needs and the circumstances of each particular transaction with an eye towards maximizing value and reducing risk.  We operate best as acting in-house counsel so we can anticipate the client’s next steps without having to be briefed.

Intellectual Property

As creators ourselves, we hold intellectual property in the highest regard.  We truly understand the value of a well protected trademark or copyright and endeavor to provide thorough intellectual property protection services including federal and state trademark and federal copyright registration, enforcement and defense. We take the time to guide our clients through the process, ensuring they are well-informed along the way.  Our trademark registration & defense practice will answer your questions as to the likelihood of successful registration and potential pitfalls – not just within the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the Library of Congress, but potential real-world conflicts with similar marks and copyrights.  In order to maximize the value of the brand, we administer licenses, assignments and/or transfers of our client’s intellectual properties.  In defense of threatened intellectual property, our firm will handle all aspects of litigation from administering a cease & desist to defending or prosecuting an infringement claim in court.

Entertainment & Media

DJs, drummers, filmmakers, directors, vocalists, writers, painters, dancers…all of us at The Fried Firm have expressed ourselves creatively in the entertainment field at some point.  If we weren’t on tour for ourselves, we were managing the main act, or producing the event.  We have been, and desire to continue to be, deeply entrenched in the world of entertainment and media.  As a result, we happily provide representation to individual artists or full scale entertainment companies.  Examples of entertainment-based legal work ranges from the purchase and sale of entertainment companies, entertainment-related transactions and development of internal systems, music, image or video licensing and clearances, talent agreements, recording agreements, film production legal and development, entertainment finance transactions, event production agreements, product endorsements and sponsorships, transactions for audio-visual programming, web, software and application development and exploitation, and distribution of entertainment content across multiple platforms including physical, broadcast and internet distribution.

Because we each have unique histories in entertainment and creative arts, we innately posses insight into our clients’ needs.  We strive to understand how to elevate our client’s brand in the current landscape of their respective industry.


In line with our business services, a natural ancillary field requires that we are well-versed in the needs and risks of employers and employees.  Our attorneys provide counsel, documentation and maintenance of the employment aspects of your business, including: employee on-boarding and drafting of employment agreements, drafting of independent contractor agreements and counsel on how to categorize someone as a contractor, drafting employee handbooks and company policies, maintaining HR databases and updating contracts from time to time, and defending companies in disputes with former employees or the Department of Labor.  Because the people you hire are the strength of your business, we are obligated to ensure that every step you take in your HR department is not only legal, but beneficial to the growth and goals of your company.

Real Estate

The Fried Firm real estate practice spans both residential and commercial properties and includes representation of clients with the purchase, sale or lease of residential or commercial real property. We assist with all financing, transactional, and closing documentation, and all related matters.


Although we pride ourselves in keeping clients out of court, The Fried Firm litigation practice is experienced in all jurisdictions in the New York City area.  While we strive to resolve all litigation matters as efficiently, effectively and painlessly as possible, we are prepared to fight for you.

Our Clients

  • Media companies
  • Record labels
  • Music publishing companies
  • Management & booking agencies
  • Film production companies
  • Recording artists
  • Songwriters & composers
  • Television personalities
  • Film & television producers, directors & editors
  • Digital agencies
  • Web, software, video game & app developers
  • Fashion, jewelry & lifestyle brands
  • Performance venues, bars & restaurants
  • Food & beverage companies
  • Authors
  • Illustrators & visual artists
  • Event producers
  • Photographers
  • Video production companies
  • Architects & interior designers
  • Arts collectives & art galleries
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Creators


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